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Continuum with Doris Maranda

Continuum Movement is a visionary inquiry into the creative flux of human life. We use breath, sound, subtle and dynamic unpatterned movement processes to enlarge our capacity to live from the inside out: to move, speak, think, play and work as liquid organisms in a friendly world.

This leads to increased sensitivity, relief of stress, enhanced sense of well-being as well as overcoming limits due to aging, disease and injuries. Experiencing the fullness of life in every sensate moment and accessing the fluid system enlarges our abilities to innovate and create new possibilities.

Through breath, sound and intrinsic movement, Continuum offers tools and processes that invoke our fluid system (the origin of all life) which then resonates with the fluid system in the larger field of bio-intelligence surrounding us, enhancing creativity and healing. This is Moving Medicine.

Join us for this amazing practice and experience the process and tools of Continuum Movement with Doris Maranda, who has been dancing in these waters for over 25 years. She brings heart and understanding of the developing and evolving (and sometimes struggling) humans that we are.

To see video clips of an interview with Doris, and of Emilie Conrad, go to: 8-week ongoing series

April 24 to June 5

Time: 11 am to 2 pm

Investment: $250 / $200 early discount and underemployed.
First class of series to new drop-ins / $30

Further information and registration: Call Doris at 604-254-0147, or email her at