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Jennifer Clarke - Qigong Instructor

Winter 2017/2018 Session Dates:

Thursdays 6:15 - 7:15pm | November 30, 2017 - February 22, 2018 | Drop in $17 class or 10 pack of classes for $150 ($15/class) |

Qigong is a form of meditative movement used to heal and enhance the flow of energy or Chi in the body.   It is effective to move stagnant energy that results in pain, fatigue, depression and illness.  Qigong is also very effective for healing depression, anxiety and mental unwellness.   Qigong builds and cultivates our own energy and nourishes our organs with blood flow, hydration and healing energy.  Qigong consists of meditative movement that is coordinated with breath.   It is a wonderful practice that clears our energy field and renews it with vital healing Chi.  Qigong is suitable for beginners and experienced movers alike. 

What is Chi?  Chi is our life force energy and is the underlying principle in Tradition Chinese Medicine.  Enhancing and balancing Chi is the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture, herbs and Qigong.  Also called Prana in the Yogic tradition, Chi is the energy that is around us all day, everywhere, in all things.  Chi can become stagnant resulting in depression or heaviness, or it can become deficient resulting in fatigue, it can become excess resulting is heat or anxiety.  In Qigong, our own energy is our best medicine.  Qigong is a simple practise and when done on a regular basis has the potential to transform our health, our mind and body, and our lives. 

Jennifer Clarke is a movement educator, yoga teacher, movement artist and Qigong practitioner.   She holds a Masters of Medical Qigong from the Empty Mountain Institute and the International Institue of Medical Qigong.  She has been practising Qigong for more than a decade and in 2012 she began her journey into training to become a Medical Qigong Teacher.  Jennifer has dedicated her life to understanding and healing the imbalances that cause illness and dis-ease in both mind and body. For more information see www.jenniferclarkeprojects.com