Danielle Hoogenboom, Yin Yoga

Tuesdays September 8 to December 15 | 7:30 to 9 pm | $15 drop-in or class pass deal

Yin is an entirely seated yoga practice of long-hold poses. It targets the fascia in the body, calms the nervous system and creates profound space to free your body, mind and spirit. 

Feel the deep quality of moving stagnant energy through your form, while releasing the issues in your tissues for a calmer and more peaceful life.

This amazing practice is an an excellent complement to your dynamic yoga practice, a great de-stressor and an amazing entrance point to experience the depths of yoga.

All levels welcome.

Danielle Hoogenboom is a Vancouver-based yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, artist and clothing designer who is a mala making, garden growing, seed saving, socially involved Gemini. She is committed to the practice of yoga as a tool for personal healing and cultivating community. As a teacher, she guides students toward restoring balance in their lives through personal awareness and devotion to inner freedom from our habits and holding patterns. Her passion for the power and potency of Yin Yoga shines in her authentic dedication to this path and her continued studies of that which is natural, mystical and ancient. Danielle has completed her 500 hour in Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley and many 200 hour trainings and workshops to support a holistic approach to yoga.

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