Arkaya Yoga Community Classes
to Dec 13

Arkaya Yoga Community Classes

arkaya community classes 2016.jpg

Community classes will be held:

Thursday Evenings:  7:30 - 9:30pm | October 11 - December 13 |

If you want to relax, rejuvenate, realign your system and learn tools to heal & reconnect to yourself, in a down to earth and fun environment, than this is the right space for you. You'll meet like minded people who are on a path of true connection and health. Experience AUTHENTIC YOGA which starts with gentle awareness of body, emotions and mind and reconnecting to yourself.

This will be a mindful, gentle, relaxing class with all the classical tools and principles used seamlessly to integrate one's different dimensions. This will be taught by one of the Arkaya teachers. You will also learn about the Sanskrit roots and deeper meanings and its unadulterated practice and pronunciation.

YOGACHARINI MAITREYI will also explain the Deeper Dimensions of Yoga in a short Satsangh. After the practice, we will share snacks, enjoy a guest presenter, if one is scheduled, and connect with one another. You are welcome to bring snacks to share. 

Yoga mats are provided. Please bring a water bottle.

These classes will also include a short info session for the Arkaya Teacher Training in India January 2019. 

Arkaya means light healing and inspiration. Arkaya Yoga is grounding, mindful, heart centred, soulful and playful. It is focused on aligning many dimensions and is integrative. It is gentle in the beginning and transformational. It enables one to synchronise with source and tap into effortless effort.

Those who want to learn more about the Arkaya Teacher Training, which is a self awareness program are also welcome. This is rooted in a strong foundation of Yogic wisdom from India. You will learn to go step by step through the process of blossoming into a blessing.

India Program with Ayurvedic Treatments & Healing:

Sliding scale of $15 - 30 for the 2 plus hours. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Part of funds raised will go to support the Children of Arkaya Foundation in India.

Contributions accepted through e-transfer as well to

Volunteer options are also available.


PHONE: Kiana 250 797 2303 or Maitreyi 778 682 7033

Video of the children of the Arkaya Foundation:

Article in Sri Lanka about Yogacharini Maitreyi and the Foundation:

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2:00 PM14:00

Introduction to Spinefulness with Eve Johnson

woman in bubble chair.jpg

We've all seen sitting postures like the woman in the bubble above – and most of us have sat that way. It's our cultural norm, and it wreaks havoc on our bodies.

Spinefulness is a revolutionary understanding of posture based on careful study of populations without back pain. It teaches us the most efficient, most relaxed, way to live in a human body.

Come for this 90-minute introductory class, and:

• Experience a new, life-changing, pain-free way to sit.

• Take home clear and specific guidelines.

• Receive an individual hands-on assessment.

Wear loose comfortable clothing, no special clothes required. Avoid wearing jeans. If you can sit down in a chair and stand up again, you can do this class.

Date: Sunday, January 6

Time: 2 to 3:30 pm

Cost: $25

Space is limited. Pre-registration required.

Please email Eve at  to hold your spot.

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Four-week Spinefulness Series with Eve Johnson
to Jan 30

Four-week Spinefulness Series with Eve Johnson

guide in chobe standing.jpg
vag standing oob (1).jpg

Human bodies are physical structures, as vulnerable to the force of gravity as any brick building. When we stand like the safari guide in Botswana, on the left, with our pelvis in the centre, and the weight on our heels, our posture is upright and effortless.

When we stand in modern posture, like the gallery visitor on the right, with our pelvis forward of the line of gravity, we set off a chain of adjustments to keep from falling over. The upper body moves back and rounds, then we compensate for the backward motion by taking our head forward.

The way we stand is not our fault.

Posture is cultural, and our culture surrounds us with images of super models, movie stars and even mannequins in modern, pelvis-forward posture.

Too bad it also creates back and joint pain, and spines that become more misshapen as we age.

What if it didn't have to be this way? What if we could learn to sit – and stand, walk, bend and sleep – in such harmony with gravity that our muscles would relax, our spines would straighten, our digestion and breathing would improve, and we'd be able to wave goodbye to back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain?

That’s the promise of Spinefulness.

Based on careful study of populations that don’t suffer back pain from daily activities, Spinefulness teaches us to put our bones into line with gravity. When bones bear the weight, muscles relax. The results can be magical.

In this five-week series you’ll learn to feel balance in your body. You'll know when you're out of balance, and know how to correct. We'll cover basic guidelines for standing, walking, bending, sitting back in a chair and sitting forward in a chair, as you would for working at a desk.

Week after week, the experience of being settled into a balanced seated position, as well as the repetition of the guidelines will begin to turn these new postural ideas into habits.

• See images that will remake your idea of good posture and your understanding of your own body.

• Receive individual assessment of your spine and learn how to bring it into a healthy position.

• Work in a small, friendly group – maximum eight people. 

Note: to take this series you must have attended an Introductory session. There are two currently scheduled: Wednesday December 5, 6 to 7:30 pm, and Sunday January 6, 2 to 3:30 pm. $25, to register email Eve at

Four Wednesdays: January 9, 16, 23 and 30,  6 to 8 pm

$295  + GST = $309.75. Returning students who have already taken a Spinefulness weekend or series, $250 + GST = $262.50.

To register, email Eve at

Eve Johnson is a certified Spinefulness teacher and a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. She has been teaching at Yoga on 7th since 2002.






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Spinefulness Weekend Intensive with Eve Johnson
to Feb 17

Spinefulness Weekend Intensive with Eve Johnson

How we sit determines our posture, and for most of us, the news is not good.

We sit in a C shape, with our weight on our buttock muscles. Because we sit for long periods, the way we sit also shapes how we stand, and how much back pain we feel.

bad sitting balance centre.jpg

People without back pain sit with the weight on their bones, and their spines long and lifted.

good sideways sitting Jean.jpg

Take the eye-opening, mind-blowing Spinefulness Foundations weekend and:

• Experience a new life-changing pain-free way to sit, stand, walk, bend and sleep.

• Take home clear and specific guidelines.

• Receive individual hands-on assessment in a small group class.

• Improve posture dramatically.

• Know what to do when something hurts.

Dates and times:

Friday, February 15: 6 to 8:30 pm                    

Saturday, February 16: 9:30 am to noon, 1:30 to 4 pm. 

Sunday February 17:  2 to 4:30 pm

Fee: $350 + GST ($367.50)

Early bird discount: $300 + GST ($315) if payment is received by January 15. Your cheque or e-transfer holds your place.

Learn more at

Questions? Email Eve at

Eve Johnson is a certified Spinefulness teacher as well as a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher..


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Movement Class with Jenny Thomas
10:15 AM10:15

Movement Class with Jenny Thomas



Jenny Thomas facilitates a session encouraging play and fluidity of movement in ones body using various forms of dance and movement to facilitate a positive experience.

Expect to:

  • Move your body with increased ease by way of various dance movements.

  • Become more aware of your body in space and in proximity to other people.

  • Move your body in ways you may not have considered.

  • Try something new.

  • Begin to further develop flexibility, coordination and confidence by loosening and/or gaining additional access in the hips.

Age Group: Adults

Workshop Date: Saturday, December 1, 2018

Start Time: 10:15am

Duration Time: 90 minutes

Cost: $20.00 Cash only

What to bring to class: Water and towel.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement, and a friendly attitude.

Please register by email:

Jenny Thomas was born in Barbados and emigrated to Canada as a child with her family.  Coming from a community of all generations sharing music, dance, and food has instrumentally cultivated her attention to the arts. Curiosity to learn more from varied cultures through dance and movement continues to power her interests. Through the connectivity of both her culture and others, she affirms the similarity of humankind and communication through movement on an ancient level.

The workshop on December 1st is created to share, inspire and encourage people of various backgrounds to add more sense of freedom in their bodies and spirit through various forms of movement. 

Jenny looks forward to seeing you!  Dance is Freedom.


Afrobeats, AfroCuban Folkloric, Traditional West African (Cameroon and Ivory Coast), Argentine Tango, Jamaican Dancehall, Soca, Ballroom – Standard and Latin, Egyptian style Bellydance, Workshops in Odissi, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Afro House and Reggaeton etc…, Dance exercise – Aerobic and Personal Training Courses, Weight training and gym fitness, Yoga, Pilates

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Mini NeuroMovement Intensive with Tanya Shklanka
to Dec 6

Mini NeuroMovement Intensive with Tanya Shklanka

Tanya (86)-Edit-Edit.JPG

What would it be like to move through the holiday season feeling calm and energized?

This 4-class mini-workshop in NeuroMovement offers a chance to re-pattern your brain before old stress habits have a chance to kick in. 

Tapping into the incredible potential of the brain through gentle movement creates new possibilities, and brings greater ease in day to day life. 

Building new pathways in the brain will not only make you more comfortable in your body, it will set you up to experience more joy - which is what the holidays are all about.

Time: 11:45am-12:45pm

Dates: Tuesdays November 27 and December 4, Thursdays, November 29 and December 6. 

Cost: $60 for all four classes, $20 drop in.  

To register: Email Tanya at:

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Yoga Nidra and Sacred Sound with Kathy Cameron & Camellia Rumball
2:45 PM14:45

Yoga Nidra and Sacred Sound with Kathy Cameron & Camellia Rumball

Yoga Nidra and Sacred Sound: Befriending Stillness

nidra sound flyer jpg.jpeg

Sunday, November 25th - 2:45 to 4:15pm

An afternoon devoted to the gifts of stillness: deep restoration, serenity and profound inner peace; a sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Nidra (sleep) is a guided sleep based meditation practice that accesses the state between wakefulness and sleep and is one of the most relaxing, restorative and healing experiences you can do for yourself. Participants rest in savasana while following guided instructions including breath awareness, body sensations and visualization. Paired with the sound and vibrations from the gong, it creates a unique opportunity for deep and profound relaxation, letting go and inner stillness.

Camellia Rumball (Yoga Nidra practitioner) and Kathy Cameron (Gong practitioner) invite you to enjoy a journey into the heart of stillness with a renewing Yoga Nidra / Sacred Gong Sound Meditation.

Pre-registration is required; sorry no drop-ins.

Early bird price = 2 people for $80 until Nov 16; afterwards $48 each.

To register contact:

For more information visit:

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1:15 PM13:15

Beginner's Certificate: Healing Indian Head Massage Workshop with Maitreyi

Learn a traditional Ayurvedic Indian head massage practice that is meditative, healing & rejuvenating.

head massage varsha.jpg

Relieving anxiety & promoting restful sleep, the oleation of the head, neck & shoulders keeps the body, emotions and mind well nourished and purified. The oils ground and lubricate the system and enables smooth functioning of the tissues, building bones as well as grounding the body.

SCHEDULE: Saturday, November 24 - 1:15 to 6:15pm

The first one hour and 15 minutes will be a gentle Arkaya Yoga practice, followed by partner work in which you will connect to infuse the head, neck and shoulders with oil and love.

  • Learn Marma Points (secret points to activate life force)

  • Open Higher Chakras to connect to Higher Self & Guides

  • Rebalance Pituitary, Pineal & Adrenal Glands

A great practice to connect with loved ones and nourish each other through the coming winter.

**All oils are provided**

Please bring:

  • a towel and a change of clothes that you don't mind getting oil on

  • a mason jar for mixing oil & taking home

**Certificate of Participation upon completion**

Facilitated by Yogacharini Maitreyi: A Master Teacher, practical Mystic & founder of Arkaya Yoga.

Maitreyi comes from South India, where she is well respected and has been immersed in the Yoga life from an early age. She was on the World Yoga council in Europe, has over 100 published articles on Yoga in international publications and has been given awards and recognition both in the Indian and international Yoga communities. When she is in Vancouver, she trains teachers & healers and conducts corporate and community classes


**Please register well in advance as spots will be limited. Space for 12 pairs only**  

Please register through Eventbrite:

$125 until November 1st

$150 after November 1st

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Simple Steps for Sweeter Sleep: Talk with Muneera Wallace
11:30 AM11:30

Simple Steps for Sweeter Sleep: Talk with Muneera Wallace

Simple Steps for Sweeter Sleep: An Ayurvedic Perspective on How to Get Better Rest.

Do you struggle with falling asleep? 

Do you wake up feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep?

Do you use sleep aids like melatonin on a regular basis?

Do you want to have better quality sleeps but just don’t know how?

Each one of us has the capacity to sleep deeply and wake up feeling rejuvenated for the day ahead. The first step to ease-full sleep is understanding the natural energetic rhythms of the day and how best to synchronize to them. Join us in this hour-long session on ayurveda’s time-tested answers to getting better sleep. We promise to send you away with simple and practical actions you can take for enhancing the quality of your rest.

About the presenter:

Muneera Wallace is an Ayurvedic health coach with over 18 years of experience in living and sharing Ayurveda.  Find out more about her work at


Event by Donation

For more information or questions contact Muneera at:


Phone: 778.558.5473

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Natural Vision Improvement with Nathan Oxenfeld
7:30 PM19:30

Natural Vision Improvement with Nathan Oxenfeld

Natural Vision Improvement:
In this enlightening and interactive event, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld, will teach you three simple and relaxing ways to take better care of your eyes in order to both prevent and reverse all kinds of vision problems naturally. Once you start to take care of your eyes every day, just like you brush your teeth every day, you may begin to actually see more clearly day by day, and decrease your dependency on glasses and contacts to see.

After he successfully reversed his own myopia and astigmatism to the point of no longer needing glasses or contacts, Nathan began helping other people learn and apply the practices and principles of holistic eye care into their lives to achieve better eyesight and insight. He combines the Bates Method, which is a vision training system developed by an ophthalmologist, with Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and more to address the underlying root causes of vision problems rather than just treating the symptoms with glasses, contacts, or surgeries.

This workshop is open to people of all ages with all types of vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, eye strain, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more!

During the workshop you will learn exactly what holistic eye care is, how to gradually wean off your prescription glasses, and learn three simple ways to see clearer without glasses. Please wear glasses to the workshop, not contacts. No experience is necessary, just an open mind and open eyes!

“Everything begins in the mind. If you want to see clearly, you need clear vision.” -Swami Satchidananda

Nathan LOTUS.jpg

Presenter Bio:
Certified Bates Method Teacher and Yoga Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld, wore glasses and contacts for over a decade before learning that there were more holistic ways to improve vision naturally. Once he successfully reversed his own nearsightedness and astigmatism and became able to see clearly without needing glasses anymore, he founded Integral Eyesight Improvement LLC in 2013 in North Carolina and began helping other people learn how to apply holistic eye care to their eyes and their lives.

In 2015 he published Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century and completed a three-month USA book tour where he offered talks and workshops in a dozen states across the country.

In 2016 he created an online course called the Holistic Vision Program that enables people from all over the world to work with him at a distance. He is an active member of the Association of Vision Educators and has had his work published in Natural Awakenings Magazine.

In 2017 he completed a European Vision Tour where he offered guided vision walks in 5 countries across Europe.

Now in 2018 he is celebrating the release of the third edition of his book with two North American Book Tours, first on the East Coast in June and then on the West Coast in October.

Registration link:

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 Moving with Spirit: Ecstatic Body Prayers With Tannis Hugill
2:00 PM14:00

Moving with Spirit: Ecstatic Body Prayers With Tannis Hugill

Moving with Spirit : Ecstatic Body Prayers with Tannis Hugill

Open to the wisdom of the body, the earth, our ancestors and spirit.

Learn to journey to the realms of non-ordinary reality using ‘Ecstatic Body Postures’ and share the teaching of Spirit with our world through Moving Prayer.

Discovered by anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, ‘Ecstatic Body Postures’ are a sacred technology which may have been used by our elders thousands of years ago to commune with the world of spirit for healing, divination and ritual celebration.  

Now, to regain access to these realms, practitioners hold a posture from an early indigenous culture, accompanied by drum or rattle, and enter a visionary trance state.

Moving Prayer is as ancient as the breath, giving and receiving our gratitude and gifts, guided by the wisdom of the body.

 In this workshop, we will explore both ways to connect with our ancient roots and find our place in the web of life and a compassionate acceptance of all.

Healing artist Tannis Hugill, is a Certified Teacher of Ecstatic Body Postures. She is also a registered Dance and Drama Therapist, BC Clinical Counsellor and creator of ritual theatre.


Saturday, October 6 - 2:00 to 6:00pm

Price = $90 / $80 if registered by September 15th

For Information and registration contact Tannis:




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Transformational Movement Lessons for Stroke Recovery
to Oct 25

Transformational Movement Lessons for Stroke Recovery

Transformational Movement Lessons for Stroke Recovery with Tanya Shklanka

Thursdays October 4, 11, 18 & 25 | 1:00pm to 1:45pm | FIRST CLASS FREE on October 4 |

Drop-in = $15.00

NeuroMovement® provides a holistic treatment for brain injury. In this 4 week class I do not ask students to do what they cannot do, instead through verbal instructions I create conditions for the brain to build new pathways. In order to change the way we move, think and function, there needs to be changes in the brain.  

Lessons are done on a chair using small, gentle movements. Please wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement.  

For more information about the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement go to and further information about Tanya’s other classes click Tanya’s classes.

Please email to register:

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Yin & Reconciliation w/ Chastity Davis and Danielle Hoogenboom
to Sep 16

Yin & Reconciliation w/ Chastity Davis and Danielle Hoogenboom

Join Chastity Davis and Danielle Hoogenboom for a special Yin Yoga Leadership Training at Yoga on 7th.  

We will be hosting our urban retreat on the traditional and unceeded territories of the West Coast Salish Peoples, Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil Waututh. The West Coast Salish people have inhabited these lands since time immemorial.

Join us for this training that will disrupt, interrupt and broaden our ways, worlds, thinking and forms. Yin has the ability to cultivate transformative change and asks the major question " What do you need to reconcile in yourself?  Healing our own inner wounds is a warrior way that is long overdue and calling you deeply. Let yin yoga guide you in your own time and way as you reveal, reorder and re-narrative the tales in and around you. 

Yin Yoga allows charges, stuck energy, old holding patterns and new awareness to enter the lands of your form. How do we acknowledge and greet these messages in our forms will guide and direct the next steps of our path. What does healing mean to you?

This course counts as a 20 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training and includes a certificate of completion under Love Light Yoga School. If you are interested in completing your full 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training, these hours count towards that or as CEU for existing teachers.

September 14th: from 12pm-9pm

September 15th: 1:30pm to 8:30pm

September 16th: 2pm to 5:30pm

Training cost including print materials: $595



Yoga Mindfulness

Through Chastity’s journey of self-discovery and living her life’s purpose, she became attracted to and involved in the yoga community in Vancouver. Chastity believes in the philosophy that everything and everyone is interconnected. We are all connected to each other through the land in which we all live in relationship with, through the water that we drink, through the air that we breathe, and through the lineage of our ancestors. She also believes that in order to realize and live your life’s purpose, all most be in alignment: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical – body, mind, spirit, heart. Once alignment is achieved, all four aspects of your being must move together as one. They are all interconnected and have an effect on how you show up in the world. 

Chastity began her journey with yoga at the Bikrams Yoga studio in the Westend of Vancouver, when she was 18 years old and attending college. As a broke student, she didn’t have the funds for a monthly membership, so she exchanged cleaning the yoga studio for yoga classes.  Through her practice at Bikrams, Chastity became stronger in herself on all levels. She then branched out to try Kundalini Yoga at Yoga West in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano, Vancouver. Kundalini is still a staple in her yoga practice. Chastity has traveled the world to practice Kundalini Yoga with the top instructors such as Gurmukh, Snatum Kaur, and Krishna Kaur.

In Chastity’s yoga journey, she by chance hit up a Yin Yoga class at a Wanderlust yoga festival in 2014. Yin Yoga called to her and offered another opportunity to deepen her practice and connect further with her self. She had received many inspiring messages through her practice with Yin and decided to pursue her Yin Yoga certification through the Love, Light Yoga School on the East Side of Vancouver. 

Chastity’s focus of becoming a yoga teacher is to bring the practice of Yin Yoga to Indigenous women as part of their healing journey. Yin Yoga is accessible to everybody and holding postures for 3-10 minutes provide an opportunity to connect, listen, and learn. Our bodies are wise and can teach us what we need to grow into the next stage of our lives. Yin Yoga is an opportunity to step into and sit with you. To slow down, breathe, and stretch into yourself. 

Book Chastity to come to your community and offer yoga/mindfulness/self-discovery retreat or workshops.

Early Bird Rate and Registration. 

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The Singing Soul: Improvisational A Cappella
to Oct 9

The Singing Soul: Improvisational A Cappella

Fall 2018 Course Series:

What is The Singing Soul?

A Swingin' Swayin' Funk Bump Afro Gospel Sacred Soulful Blues Chant Jam Feelin' Hi Mash-up!!

The Singing Soul is the experience of unrehearsed, spontaneous singing, collaborative creativity and the creation of community through improvised vocal music.  It is for people who are ready to let go of "getting it right" and embrace letting it just happen.  This utterly experiential program is a powerful experience of being alive and present. We'll explore the skill set of the improviser: deep listening, working with change, following and trusting intuition spontaneity, fluid awareness of self and others. We'll also strengthen our abilities as musical architects: constructing melodies, harmony, vocal percussion, bass lines. There are no wrong notes and there's nothing to memorize - just breathe and sing.

"A cappella improvisation with David Hatfield takes you to unforeseen destinations of hilarity, weirdness, extraordinary harmony, and transcendence. This gifted facilitator can coax music out of your very pores. A cappella improvisation is a metaphor for life, creating harmony and rhythm out of whatever comes your way."
~ J. Tissandier, Canmore, Alberta

This series is for people who would like an gradual growth experience of improvisational singing.  Each week will build on the previous one as we explore both technique and magic, structure and flow.  Experienced singers and improvisors as well as those who are new are welcome!  

Instructor - David Hatfield - M.A., M.Ed.

Singing Soul - David.jpg

David is a lover of vocal music and has led The Singing Soul nationally and internationally since 1997. He was the conductor of the improv choir House of Song and his music experience includes percussion, bass and guitar and ranges from street performing to off-Broadway, from fully choreographed to fully improvised. David has won numerous music scholarships including trainings at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Simon Fraser University.  He is also a leadership consultant and facilitator specializing in communication, conflict, masculinity and rites of passage. He holds an Social Ecology and an Associate degree in Jazz Studies.

Tuesdays - 7:00 to 9:30pm | September 11, 18, 25, October 2 & 9

@Yoga on 7th - 156 E 7th Ave, Vancouver

Earlybird Fees: $190 before August 28
Regular fees:  $215 after August 28  


For more information, sound clips and testimonials on The Singing Soul go to:


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5:30 PM17:30

Introduction to Spinefulness with Eve Johnson: lengthen your spine, live lighter and relieve pain

bad sitting paris garry knight.jpg

We've all seen sitting postures like the woman on the left above – and most of us have sat that way. It's our cultural norm, and it wreaks havoc on our bodies.

Spinefulness is a revolutionary understanding of posture based on careful study of populations without back pain. It teaches us the most efficient, most relaxed, way to live in a human body.

Come for this 90-minute introductory class, and:

• Experience a new, life-changing, pain-free way to sit.

• Take home clear and specific guidelines.

• Receive an individual hands-on assessment.

Wear loose comfortable clothing, no special clothes required. Avoid wearing jeans. If you can sit down in a chair and stand up again, you can do this class.

Date: Thursday, August 30

Time: 5:30 to 7 pm

Cost: By donation

Space is limited to eight people. Pre-registration required.

Please email Eve at or call 778-918-8285 to hold your spot.

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to Oct 15

Mothers Unfolding with Bethan Stewart


Mother's Unfolding Group | Monday: 11:00am to 12:30 pm | Mom & Baby August 27, Mother's Unfolding September 10, 17, 24, October 1 and 15 |

Meet up with other moms, show off your beautiful baby, ask questions, share your favorite new tricks, and learn a little bit about self care! $10 for new clients.

Mothers Unfolding Groups:
Our Mothers Unfolding groups for mom and baby (pre-crawling) explore the heart of motherhood in a five week series.

Each group is unique, and each mother's journey her own.

At the core, however, is the spirit of unfolding - discovering who we are becoming, what we are letting go of, and defining how we want to be as women and mothers.

The bonds formed are so strong that most groups continue beyond our time together for months or even years to come. Together we explore:
    •    Birth of a Mother - Identity & Motherhood
    •    Changing Relationships - Friends, Family, Partners
    •    Finding Balance - Baby, Home, Love, Work & Life
    •    Intuition - Finding our Own Way
    •    Community - Redefining our Support Network

To book your spot and information on prices go to:





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Arkaya Children's Summer Camp
to Aug 3

Arkaya Children's Summer Camp

Childrens Yoga.jpg



An uplifting & transformative experience for children ages 6 - 12.

A unique 4 day camp from 9 am - 12 pm, where children will learn and integrate invaluable life skills & resources paving the way for a healthy, balanced life:

- Emotional Management

- Power of Thoughts

- Conscious Boundaries

- Healthy & Sustainable Diet

- Use of Voice for Singing & Public Speaking

- Postural Realignment & Awareness

- Mindfulness based Yoga

The program is designed and systematized by Yogacharini Maitreyi -who has over 40 years of experience living a Yogic lifestyle earning titles such as Yoga chemmal (expert), Yoga shiromani (gem) and Yogacharini (guide). She has taught many people worldwide from yoga teachers, to corporates to children.

The program will be led by wonderful Arkaya teachers Heidi & Nao- with backgrounds in Elementary School Education (M.Ed) & Expressive Art Therapy.


$190.00 before July 25th | $230.00 after July 25th



Questions? or 250 797 2303

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Arkaya Thursday Series: Mantra, Tantra, Yantra
to Aug 2

Arkaya Thursday Series: Mantra, Tantra, Yantra

yantra tantra mantra.jpg

 Mantra, Tantra, Yantra 


Dive into MANTHRA, TANTHRA & YANTHRA with Yogacharini Maitreyi who has been tapped in for over 40 years. She was immersed in a yogic life in India and gives participants the experience of the dance of the polarities within, which expresses as positive manifestations.

She has been given many formal titles there as well like, Yoga chemmal (expert), Yoga shiromani(gem)and Yogacharini (guide) 

IN THIS THREE THURSDAY SERIES expect to be soothed, deeply relaxed, supported on your evolutionary journey:

- learn sacred vibrations and their correct pronunciation

- experience body, breath, energy and multidimensional work done in a safe healing environment. There will also be healing supportive, non-sexual partner work.

- tune into the sacred geometry of the universe in its original harmony and manifestation. As we draw and practice dharana and dhyana(relaxed focus and absorbtion)on simple yanthra we are vibrating with the frequency of that harmony.




OR E-transfer to:

QUESTIONS? or Kiana @ 1 250 797 2303


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Arkaya Healing & Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training 2018
to Jul 29

Arkaya Healing & Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training 2018


Arkaya Healing & Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training 2018:

A Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery & Self-Realization Program

With over 250 hours of training, this program meets and surpasses the Yoga Alliance 200 Hour requirements. 


For full program info & to apply, please visit the Eventbrite page at:

Experience a completely different way of learning than just the intellectual in this Arkaya Teacher Training. This self-awareness and enlightened leadership program will help you to build a more conscious relationship with yourself, through:

  • CLASSICAL YOGA - jathi, kriya, mantra, asana, pranayama, different classical yoga streams, sankalpa, applied yoga philosophy and Yoga psychology.


  • MULTIDIMENTIONAL HEALING - Heal yourself and others. Includes energy healing.

  • TRADITIONAL TANTRA - Balancing the masculine and feminine within.

  • To EMBRACE your Vulnerability and EMBODY your highest potential.



The Arkaya Yoga, Mindfulness and Healing Teacher Training is steeped in Classical Yoga, the Siddha mystical traditions of south India and traditional Tantric practices that help reconnect to life.

Yogacharini Maitreyi - founder of Arkaya and lead guru for the program - has been immersed in the yogic life since her childhood in India and is also certified formally. In India, she has received titles like Yoga chemmal (expert). She has shared the deeper dimensions of yoga for two decades in India and around the world.

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Spinefulness Workshops with Jean Couch: Pain Relief, Lightness and Transformation
to Jul 13

Spinefulness Workshops with Jean Couch: Pain Relief, Lightness and Transformation

Spinefulness with Jean Couch

Spinefulness is a revolutionary understanding of posture based on careful study of populations without back pain. It teaches us the most efficient, most relaxed, way to live in a human body.
The effects are transformative. The images below are of Paloma, a dedicated Spinefulness student. The image on the left was taken 13 years before the image on the right.
What happened?
In the three years preceding the image on the right, Paloma started working with Spinefulness. You can read a full account of her story at:

paloma before and after blck.png

From July 7 to 13, Yoga on 7th is offering two opportunities to experience this work with the leading Spinefulness teacher in North America, Jean Couch.

Jean studied extensively with Noelle Perez, who began in the 1970s to develop the work we know as Spinefulness. Jean has taught in Palo Alto, CA since 1992, as she likes to say: "saving the world one spine at a time." 

Foundations Weekend: Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8:

• Reduce back, neck, shoulder, joint, and foot pain.
• Optimize artistic and athletic performance.
• Reduce stress, tension, and headaches.
• Have fabulous posture

This is the most important physical class you will ever take. Learn to sit, stand, bend, walk, sit in your car, lift and carry, and lie on your side and back without pain. You will become aware of what you are doing that is causing you pain, and at the end of the seminar you will know what to do to feel better. The course is a huge "eye-opener."

Hours: Saturday 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, Sunday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Cost: $420 including GST. $210 if you have taken a previous Spinefulness Weekend Intensive or series. 

For more information and to register, email Eve at


Five-Day Spinefulness Immersion - July 9 to July 13

Profound and transformational. In 30 hours over five days, in a small group with a master teacher, you can deepen your practice, learn work not covered in the Foundations course, including: detailed work with feet and walking, relieving shoulder and neck pain, the upper spine and breathing. Begin the shift toward strength, flexibility, relaxation and a joyfully embodied life.


Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 12:00pm | Break | 1:30 to 3:30pm |

** 6:00 to 8:30pm in addition to full schedule on Thursday July 12 only. **

Cost: $1365, including GST

Save $200 with Early Bird Registration: Non-refundable deposit of $400 before May 20, 2018. (Early bird price is $1155.)  Remaining balance is due by June 15, 2018.

For more information and to register, email Eve at

This workshop qualifies for credit in the Spinefulness Teacher Certification Program, based in Palo Alto, CA. 

Jean Couch head shot.jpg

Jean Couch is the author of The Runner's Yoga Book, which has sold more than 250,000 copies. In the late 1980's, Spinefulness helped her eliminate sciatica, back pain, pronounced kyphosis and a dowager's hump. She has since devoted herself to spreading spinal health and back relief through Spinefulness.




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Yoga in the Ropes with Siobhan Sloane- Seale & Meghan Goodman
1:00 PM13:00

Yoga in the Ropes with Siobhan Sloane- Seale & Meghan Goodman


Ropes Workshop:

This 2.5 hour workshop will teach you how to use the ropes and sling to deepen your practice.  We will lay the foundation for inversions like supported Sirsasana (headstand) and supported Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) so that each student will receive the benefits of these poses at their own level.  The ropes teach your body the optimum physical actions and therefore help you achieve the most benefits from each pose. There will be time to ask questions during and after the workshop.

Date: Saturday, June 2

Time: 1-3:30pm

Location: Yoga on 7th (156 East 7th Ave – laneway entrance)

Early bird price: $45 (Payment due by May 26)

Regular price: $50

*Please pay by cheque or e-transfer*


Meghan and Siobhan are both yoga instructors and professional dance artists. Between them they have 36 years of yoga practice and 17 years of teaching experience. They completed their Iyengar yoga certification with well over 1300 hours of training each.

Iyengar yoga has become the steady path to finding stability and space in the body, the antidote to a physically demanding and busy lifestyle, and a method for moving deeper in the practice with intelligence and care. This workshop will help you understand your yoga practice in new ways and deepen your body awareness.

To register please contact

For more information on the instructors please visit or




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Introductory Workshop to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
10:00 AM10:00

Introductory Workshop to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga


Introductory Workshop - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Join for an introductory Ashtanga Yoga workshop.

What you will learn:

  • What ashtanga yoga is

  • The concept of Vinyasa – linked breath and movement

  • Foundations of this method and how to apply them in your practice

  • Sun Salutations A/B – asanas from standing sequence and finishing sequence

By the end of the workshop you will have an essential ashtanga yoga self-practice that will allow you to keep practicing at home and/or join our mysore/led classes in order to develop it.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners, who want to start an ashtanga practice. All students are welcome to join regardless of age, experience & physical conditions.

This workshop is ideal if you want to adopt an early morning practice that will change your day and eventually your life.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

10:00am to 12:00pm

Cost: $50

For more information and how to register:


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5:00 PM17:00

NEW Ashtanga Yoga Opening Day - FREE


Ashtanga Yoga Classes with Vanessa Villalon and Veronica Berezowsky

Join us for a FREE Yoga class on Saturday, April 14th at 5:00pm to celebrate the opening of our Ashtanga Yoga program.

Get an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, followed by a led class and time to meet each other, share drinks & snacks.  

Join us for the Opening and get 20% off the first month.

For more information: /

Vanessa Villalon

My relationship with yoga began whilst attending physiotherapy school at the European University of Madrid, Spain. First a climber and then a yogi I started practicing yoga as part of my own curiosity with the human body. For years I combined physiotherapy with yoga practice, teaching and training in Spain throughout Europe. 

Some time later I started practicing Ashtanga in Madrid led by Borja Romero and then Alexia Pita, who transmitted me their passion for this practice. I studied the Ashtanga tradition in depth. In addition to my daily practice I began doing workshops and studying with some of the best masters.

My teaching style comprises intuitive hands-on adjustments, alignment and bringing an internal awareness to the self.

I am grateful to my teachers and all students who have crossed my path. I moved to Vancouver in 2017.vI am a nature lover, outside the shala you can find me enjoying mountain sports like rock climbing, hiking, alpinism, ice climbing and canyoning with my husband and friends.

Veronica Berezowsky

I was always curious about yoga and practiced various styles along my dancing career. However, it was until 2010, when I really started practicing Ashtanga that I found what I had been looking for: a spiritual practice through movement.

The commitment, devotion and self-inquiry that I witnessed inspired me to dive deeper into the practice and do my teacher training with Claudia Pradella and Janneke Verbur in the Netherlands. Deeply inspired and fully committed to sharing the practice with as many people as possible, I started teaching in Amsterdam, convinced of its power to help anyone find peace of mind and re-establish contact with their soul.

I am grateful to my mentor and teacher Claudia Pradella, to the beautiful teachers I have had the opportunity to closely learn from, and especially to the lessons I have gained from each and every student.

Through sharing the practice I aim to inspire people to find a meaningful and fulfilling life journey.

As a dance-movement therapist, dance artist and menstruality coach, activist & educator I have been blessed to travel the world, using dance as a tool for social transformation and inclusion, inspiring women to embrace their cyclical nature, and empowering communities in developing countries countries.



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1:00 PM13:00

Free Intro Anat Baniel Method and Transformational Movement with Tanya Shklanka

Tanya (135)-Edit.JPG


FREE Introduction - April 9 - 1:00 to 2:00pm

Upcoming Series - Mondays 1:00 - 2:00pm | April 9 - June 18 **No Class May 21** |  Total Cost $165 for 9 weeks | Drop-ins $20 |

Class Description:

In these mat-based “TML” classes Tanya verbally guides students through very gentle, pain free movements that will enhance brain function. This results in moving more comfortably and efficiently and can help reduce pain, increase flexibility, strength, mental clarity and feelings of well being.

Students are to wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement and bring/wear a pair of socks.

The Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement® is a holistic approach to human functioning and action, built upon the understanding that movement is the language of the brain, and movement provides information the brain needs to grow and reorganize itself. Based on the science of neuroplasticity, her method is a gentle and pain free way to upgrade the brain.  Anat Baniel is a protégé of Moshe Feldenkrais, a physicist, engineer and judo master who understood that the brain could change itself to bring about remarkable changes in body and mind.  

For more information about the Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement®:

For information or to register contact Tanya:

Phone: 604.992.2713

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FREE OPEN HOUSE - Vijnana Yoga Urban Retreats
9:30 AM09:30

FREE OPEN HOUSE - Vijnana Yoga Urban Retreats


Introduction to Urban Weekly Yoga Retreats with Lidija Martinovic Rekert

FREE Open house class April 4th 9:30 - 11:45a.m. - Everyone Welcome!

New Series begins April 11:

Wednesdays, 9:30 to 11:45am | April 11 - June 13 | 10 sessions, $320 plus GST |  Drop-ins welcome if space available, $35 plus GST | Installment payments available | Early bird price before March 21, $300 plus GST |

We are exploring the Experiential Anatomy attending to the “mind” of the body layers. Vijnana and Kundalini Yoga are both awareness based practices that create an environment of Awake Body, Open Mind and Present Heart.

Meditation ( Dyana) and Contemplation are integral part of the practice.

Suggested to all new and old practitioners, all ages and shapes. This class is ideal as a support for manual therapy and treatments (osteopathy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy etc.).

For more information:

Call Lidija at 778-316-4807, Email her at or look at her website:    

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An Iyengar Yoga workshop with Ingelise Nherlan
2:30 PM14:30

An Iyengar Yoga workshop with Ingelise Nherlan

Ingelise workshop.jpg

"Strugglers lack understanding. Stop struggling. Rather start studying on a level that gives you something, rather than just swimming upriver.”  Ingelise Nherlan

To work with Ingelise is to approach even the simplest of poses from a new awareness, to connect with the joy of yoga and to tap into your own inner knowledge. 

Her teaching is a blend of careful asana work, thoughtful yoga philosophy and a generous dash of humor.

One of the most highly certified Iyengar teachers in Canada, Ingelise Nherlan first studied with B.K.S. Iyengar in 1975, in San Francisco, when she was 35 years old. She  went to Pune for the first time in 1977.  She was one of B.K.S. Iyengar's early students, and holds a Senior Intermediate teaching certificate awarded by him.

Ingelise teaches regular classes in West Vancouver, Check her website, Room for Yoga, for more details.

Cost: $45 + GST.

To register, email Eve at Your cheque, made out to Ingelise Nherlan, holds your spot.





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