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Awakening the Spirit with Tannis Hugill

Open to the wisdom of the body, the earth, our ancestors, and spirit.

Learn to journey to the realms of Non-ordinary Reality using ‘Ecstatic Body Postures’ and share the teaching of Spirit with our world through Moving Prayer.

Discovered by anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, ‘Ecstatic Body Postures’ are a sacred technology  used by our elders thousands of years ago to commune with the world of spirit for healing, divination, and ritual celebration.  
Now, to regain access to these realms, practitioners  hold a posture from an early indigenous culture, accompanied by drum or rattle, and enter a visionary trance state.

Moving Prayer is as ancient as the breath, giving and receiving our gratitude and gifts, guided by the wisdom of the body.

In this workshop, we will explore both ways to connect with our ancient roots and find our place in the web of life and a compassionate acceptance of all being.

Three Saturdays:  April 25, May 2 and 9, 2015  from 2-5 pm

$215 - $190 if payed in full by April 10th
For students and underemployed $195 - $170 if payed in full by April 10th

Contact Tannis at 604-267-9951 or

For more information and registration: