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Arkaya Teacher Training with Yogacharini Maitreyi


Arkaya teacher training is a deepening of one's connection to oneself. It is a space where you can release old conditioning and dysfunctional patterns and rise to your fullest potential. You will learn multidimensional healing methodologies as well as the deeper dimensions of Classical Yoga and Tantra to tap into the joy and lightness within.

It offers a rare opportunity for Self awareness, Self discovery and Self realization.

Learn from a guide originally from India and steeped in the yogic life. Yogacharini Maitreyi has studied in the gurukula tradition where years of commitment is required. She has received many titles in India since 1997, such asYogashirmonani (gem), Yoga Chemmal (expert) and Yogacharini (life guide). She has published more than 100 articles worldwide and runs a foundation for children living in slums in India.

This teacher training has a unique structure of 4 segments for better assimilation and effortless effort.

Mentorship is included as well as placements for those who are dedicated.

Segment 1 starts on the 22nd of July for two weekends.

Segment 2 is a retreat on Bowen Island or nine days from Aug 27th to Sept 4rth.

To learn more about the Arkaya Healing and Mindfulness teacher trainingcall 604 628 9409 or go to