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Learn to love gravity, a Spinefulness workshop with Eve Johnson

What if sitting isn’t the new smoking after all?

What if you could learn to sit – and stand, walk, bend and sleep – in such harmony with gravity that your muscles would relax, your spine would straighten, your digestion and breathing would improve, and you could wave goodbye to back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain?

That’s the promise of Natural Posture, also called Balance, or, in France where the work originated, Aplomb.

Natural Posture is based on careful study of populations that don’t suffer back pain from daily activities. Natural Posture teaches us to put our bones into place for the most efficient transfer of weight through our skeletal structure. When bones bear the weight, muscles can relax. The results can be magical.

In this workshop you’ll learn basic guidelines for standing, walking, bending, sitting back in a chair and sitting forward in a chair, as you would for working at a desk.

The work is gentle. If you can stand up and sit down, you’ll be able to do it. You don’t need special clothing, although you do need to wear either loose or very stretchy pants – not jeans.

Sitting wedges, which keep your pelvis in the correct position for sitting forward, will be available for purchase for $45, tax included.

Fee: $45. Your space in the class will be held on receipt of payment.

To register, email Eve at

Eve Johnson has been studying Natural Posture for two years and is working toward certification at the Balance Center in Palo Alto, CA.