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A: Healing Journey through African Dance

NDJOW A Healing Journey through African Dance

3-hour Intentional Dance Workshop for Women with Jacky Yenga

Saturday, April 9, 2016
2-5 pm At Yoga on 7th


NDJOW is a Healing Dance Journey that takes you back home. We all need a place to come back to, a home.

To a certain degree, and as an adult, whether that place is safe and welcoming or not is... up to you. Yes. Because you make it what it is by the quality of your inner presence. And that quality is a sensation that you feel, which requires you to be in your body to experience it.

That’s the intention of this workshop. It is to experience being at home, feeling safe, embraced and welcomed. We will trigger and sustain the sensation and make the conscious choice to make that our home from now on.

We have become accustomed to living disconnected from our bodies because it feels “safer” to experience life in the mind. But how can we fully participate in our own life when we are disembodied? And why do we have so much difficulty reconnecting with our natural rhythm?

In “Ndjow“, we feel our body and we align with our own rhythm. “Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul.” Join me for a healing and nurturing journey for your body and soul. Rgister NOW to pay less. Go to


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