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NEW Ashtanga Yoga Opening Day - FREE


Ashtanga Yoga Classes with Vanessa Villalon and Veronica Berezowsky

Join us for a FREE Yoga class on Saturday, April 14th at 5:00pm to celebrate the opening of our Ashtanga Yoga program.

Get an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, followed by a led class and time to meet each other, share drinks & snacks.  

Join us for the Opening and get 20% off the first month.

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Vanessa Villalon

My relationship with yoga began whilst attending physiotherapy school at the European University of Madrid, Spain. First a climber and then a yogi I started practicing yoga as part of my own curiosity with the human body. For years I combined physiotherapy with yoga practice, teaching and training in Spain throughout Europe. 

Some time later I started practicing Ashtanga in Madrid led by Borja Romero and then Alexia Pita, who transmitted me their passion for this practice. I studied the Ashtanga tradition in depth. In addition to my daily practice I began doing workshops and studying with some of the best masters.

My teaching style comprises intuitive hands-on adjustments, alignment and bringing an internal awareness to the self.

I am grateful to my teachers and all students who have crossed my path. I moved to Vancouver in 2017.vI am a nature lover, outside the shala you can find me enjoying mountain sports like rock climbing, hiking, alpinism, ice climbing and canyoning with my husband and friends.

Veronica Berezowsky

I was always curious about yoga and practiced various styles along my dancing career. However, it was until 2010, when I really started practicing Ashtanga that I found what I had been looking for: a spiritual practice through movement.

The commitment, devotion and self-inquiry that I witnessed inspired me to dive deeper into the practice and do my teacher training with Claudia Pradella and Janneke Verbur in the Netherlands. Deeply inspired and fully committed to sharing the practice with as many people as possible, I started teaching in Amsterdam, convinced of its power to help anyone find peace of mind and re-establish contact with their soul.

I am grateful to my mentor and teacher Claudia Pradella, to the beautiful teachers I have had the opportunity to closely learn from, and especially to the lessons I have gained from each and every student.

Through sharing the practice I aim to inspire people to find a meaningful and fulfilling life journey.

As a dance-movement therapist, dance artist and menstruality coach, activist & educator I have been blessed to travel the world, using dance as a tool for social transformation and inclusion, inspiring women to embrace their cyclical nature, and empowering communities in developing countries countries.