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Spinefulness Intensive with Eve Johnson

How we sit determines our posture, and for most of us, the news is not good.

We sit in a C shape, with our weight on our buttock muscles. Because we sit for long periods, the way we sit also shapes how we stand, and how much back pain we feel.

bad sitting balance centre.jpg

People without back pain sit with the weight on their bones, and their spines long and lifted.

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Take the eye-opening, mind-blowing Spinefulness Foundations weekend and:

• Experience a new life-changing pain-free way to sit, stand, walk, bend and sleep.

• Take home clear and specific guidelines.

• Receive individual hands-on assessment in a small group class.

• Improve posture dramatically.

• Know what to do when something hurts.

Dates and times:

Friday, February 9:  6 to 9 pm                      

Saturday, February 10: 9 am to 12 pm

Sunday February 10:  10 to 11:45 am, 2 to 4:15 pm


$350 + GST, $325 + GST if payment is received by Januray 20. Your cheque or e-transfer holds your place.

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Eve Johnson has been studying Spinefulness for three years, and is completing the Spinefulness certification program with Jean Couch at the Balance Center in Palo Alto, CA.