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Voice of the Abdomen with Daphne Georghiou


A Continuum & Expressive Arts Movement Therapy Workshop for
Feminine Empowerment
& Somatic Release

Date: Sat. August 6th
Time: 1pm-5pm

Fee: $125 (early bird rate extended)
Regular Fee: $145

(Register for this workshop and Daphne's October 29 workshop and receive an additional $30 discount)

Preregistration is Required for workshops.
To Register, mail your cheque to:
Daphne Georghiou
375 East Woodstock Ave.,
Vancouver, BC V5W 1N2

For Email Money Transfer,
please send to:

For full details go to:

Our Bodies store negative and positive imprints, how we establish our sense of alignment around past emotional scripts, and how we organize ourselves around old traumas, patterns, beliefs, and postures. This is mirrored in our physical structure and the functioning of each body part. We see in our bodies, how we are stuck, how we are holding and the quality of our desire, joy and sadness. 

The Abdomen is associated with the "gut brain" or the enteric brain, which is responsible for our "happy feelings," as well as the context of our sorrow and our pain. This body part reflects our ability to digest things and/or eliminate them--including how we hold down feelings and our ability to process or assimilate the experiences of our lives.

Using the Abdomen as both a literal and a metaphoric key into personal and archetypal life themes, you will identify and explore the life-script associated with this potent body part, and make breakthroughs in an embodied, healing way. 

In this Continuum and Life-Art Process experience, you will be gently guided into exploring the wisdom of the of the Abdomen, to encounter, confront, explore in creative, innovative ways, that which is no longer serving you. You will explore artful ways to unravel the stories that lie within that may be holding you back in life. As the voice of the Abdomen unfolds and we allow the body-mind to "speak," greater possibilities for change, renewal and growth will emerge.


Daphne Georghiou is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors with a private practice downtown Vancouver. Daphne is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist specializing in self esteem/mood issues, anxiety and overwhelm, depression and problems with addiction. To learn more about Daphne and her work, visit: