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Weekly Urban Yoga Retreat with Lidija Martinovic Rekert

New10 week Series starts on March 15

In this series we will explore anatomy experientially in order to discover our proper alignment.

This includes Developmental Movement Patterns that start in utero and continue through our movements as infants, babies and finally as crawling creatures and standing on our two legs.

The practice involves subtle energetic awareness of the all layers of the body ( from organs,  bones, muscles and fascia) and is based on the principle of TENSEGRITY which applies interconnectedness of all the layers and systems to function as one.

Yoga movements are therapeutic, slow and subtle,  deeply connected to the midline and the Neuro- core, and therefore cultivate both stability (Sanskrit; Stira) as well as lightness and ease (Sanskrit: Sukha), from which comes the ultimate strength.

New and old practitioners are welcomed.

$300for all ten classes( 2.15 hr long)

$35 drop ins welcomed

GST will be applied

For more information call Lidija at 778-316-4807, email her at or look at her website: