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Therapy of Motion with Daphne Georghiou, March 26 and June 4

March 26th Workshop: THE SPINE

June 4th Workshop: HANDS AND FEET

1. Empower the SPINE:  
Unravel & Connect with your True Centre
(March 26th)
In this workshop you will learn to access your spine's natural undulating motion, while spreading cellular vitality to the rest of the body. Shed layers that no longer support your growth and make room for the creative, "emerging unexpected," (Emile Conrad).

2. Hands of the Heart
& Tales of the Feet:
Solidify your Grounding in Life
(June 4th)
In this workshop you will learn to activate your somatic awareness from your body's spiraling (heart) centre. A natural anchoring in the legs and feet will emerge to support deep grounding and cellular support. Revitalise and reactivate your stance in life!

See full flyer here:

Early Bird Extended!
By March 13th:
Register for both, $125/workshop
($250 total)
OR, $135 for one workshop
Regular Fee after March 13th:
$145 each workshop

To Register, mail your cheque to:
Daphne Georghiou
375 East Woodstock Ave.,
Vancouver, BC V5W 1N2

Or Email Money Transfer to:

Call :778-985-6670