Sian Pringle - Restorative Yoga

Spring 2018 Session Dates:

Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:00pm | April 18 - June 6 |

6 weeks $96 | 3 classes $55 (to use within one 6 week session) | Drop in $20 |

A passive, introspective and breath orientated practice. The body is supported on bolsters and blankets and remains still for longer periods of time than in an active class. 

 The purpose of this type of practice is to shift the nervous system out of ‘fight or flight’ into a deeply felt relaxation response. We begin the class with some somatic movement sequences as a way to release holding patterns, then move into longer held yoga ‘postures’ to relax and restore the body.

This practice can benefit those struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia and exhaustion.

No yoga experience required  to attend this class. We welcome EVERYBODY. The class is done seated and lying on the floor using bolsters, blankets and blocks for support, comfort and warmth.  You do need to be able to get up and down from the floor.

Cash/cheque or e-transfer (cheques payable to Sian Pringle/ transfer to email address below.)

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