Veronica Berezowsky and Vanessa Villalon - Ashtanga Yoga


Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 6:00 to 9:00am beginning April 16, 2018 | Mondays & Wednesdays: Ashtanga Mysore | Fridays: Ashtanga Led Class and Ashtanga Mysore |


3 classes per week - $100/month | 2 classes per week - $80/month | Drop in - $18 - $22  (sliding scale) | Trial Class – Free |

Introductory Workshop - $40 (participants will receive 20% off the first month) – dates to be announced

Ashtanga Yoga system is characterized by linking breath and movement together, what is called a vinyasa. It is a dynamic and fluid practice where a specific sequence of postures (asanas) is done in a concrete order, while concentration is promoted through the use of breath. Although the practice is physically demanding, all students are welcome to learn from scratch regardless of their age, experience, and physical conditions. If you have an injury, we invite you to practice carefully and with the intention to heal. A regular practice is encouraged in order to feel the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this purifying practice. A regular ashtanga practice will support your mobility, mental stillness (reducing stress and anxiety), and will purify your system.

There are two types of Ashtanga Yoga classes:

Mysore Style

In a Mysore Style class, the practice is taught one-on-one, as a self-practice, within the supportive context of community. This is how yoga was taught traditionally. It allows the students to learn the sequence at their own rhythm, with individual support from the teacher, while practicing in the same room with others. A Mysore class is mostly characterized by silence.

When you start practicing Mysore style, the first few practices may be shorter than you may be used to. Not to worry, as you keep practicing and under the teacher’s guidance, it will grow. Be patient and enjoy your practice.  

Starting time is flexible within the class slot. You are welcome to join the Introductory workshop to get more familiarized with this method.

However, no prior knowledge is required, and the sequence does not need to be memorized before you start. The Mysore room is open for everyone and you will be guided at your own pace.

Led Class

In a led class the teacher will lead the whole group through the sequence. Following a led class will help you learn how to get into and out of each asana in the right order. It is a great opportunity to feel the energy that the practice generates in the group. A full primary led class is 90min long. Everybody is welcome to join. If you have never practiced the full primary series you are free to stop at any point, or the teacher will let you know when she considers is safe for you to stop.


  • Wear clean & comfortable clothes and bring a towel as you might be sweating

  • Avoid wearing strong or synthetic fragrances

  • Don’t eat a large meal for a period of 2-3 hours before your practice. If you have special dietary needs, eat a piece of fruit about 1 hour before class.

  • Don’t drink water while practicing as it cools your body down. Make sure you keep hydrated during the day.

  • Practice space is sacred, please be quiet to respect others’ practice.

  • Don’t bring your mobile phone into the practicing space.

  • It is very important to take rest at the end of the practice; at least 5-10 minutes. It is the time when the practice is integrated in our bodies.

  • Starting time is flexible for Mysore style classes, as long as your practice is complete before the end of class.

  • Please be on time for led class in respect to other students.

  • If you have any injury or medical conditions, please inform the teacher at the beginning of the class, so that you can be advised on how to modify the practice if necessary.

  • For ladies, it is recommended not to practice Ashtanga during menstruation at least for the first 3 days. If you still want to come to the studio we can lead you through a restorative Womb yoga practice.

  • Ashtanga yoga includes intuitive and receptive hands on adjustments. Please feel free to let us know if you do not want to be adjusted, and/or if you feel uncomfort/pain in any adjustment.

  • If you are pregnant please let us know so that we can guide you through a softer and safe practice (after the first 3 months).

  • Practice bare feet. Sticky mats are provided in the studio, but you are more than welcome to bring your own mat. If you use our mats, please clean it at the end of your practice.

  • Enjoy your practice!!

For more information please contact:

Vanessa or Veronica at namasteyogashala7@gmail.com