What do you need to know about baseball ?

Baseball is a sport played by everyone. That is, it can be played by both men and women. It is played by two teams of 09 players. To play baseball well, you need to have some knowledge. In this article you will learn about the rules of baseball.

Some rules of the game

The first phase of baseball is a defensive activity. The scorer sends the ball to the catcher. The batter tries to hit the ball to prevent it from reaching its destination. First of all, note that in baseball, the ball is thrown into the strike zone. The strike zone is a rectangular area with a small part that is in harmony with home plate. As for the height, it is dedicated to the distance between the batter's knees. When the batter goes on strike, a run must be scored by the team. The run is often scored when the batter runs around the bases and returns to the plate. Similarly, another runner may try to gain the next base when the ball leaves the pitcher. It should be noted that a base only needs one runner. Also, before the batter becomes a runner, he must successfully throw the ball into the strike zone. Also, the ball must land between the white lines. However, if the ball goes outside the two posts, it is a "home run"; at this point, the runners and the batter are said to score a run. Finally, when a pitcher repeatedly throws bad balls at the same batter, the base automatically goes to the batter.

The defenders' job

In baseball, the defenders' role is to prevent the opposing team from scoring runs. They do this by striking out hitters. There are several ways to get rid of hitters. For example, the pitcher can throw strikes to the same batter. Then a defender takes the batted ball without it touching the ground. Another defender throws the ball to a runner. When this is done, a runner will be out when the ball is on base before him.