What role does sport play for health ?

The role of sport in human health is well known. In addition to maintaining physical fitness, sports activity plays other roles in the human body. Find out in this article what role sport plays in health.

A means of prevention against certain diseases

Regular sport helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In addition, it improves the body and increases its flexibility. Apart from that, sport is also an essential means of strengthening the bones and simultaneously fighting osteoporosis. It also helps to prevent back pain. In addition, it should be noted that physical activity also fights inflammatory rheumatism and allows us to grow old in good shape. Apart from these roles, sport also has positive effects on health by combating diseases such as obesity. Indeed, it helps to maintain body weight and also contributes to its loss. Finally, it should be noted that sport is a means of fighting obesity. Since obesity is a trigger for cardiovascular risk, it is necessary to practice sport to counteract it.

The role of sport on mentality and sexuality

Sport also plays an important role in human psychology. It reduces the effects of depression and fear. It also promotes good sleep and a good mood. It should not be forgotten that sport is also beneficial for sexuality. It promotes better muscle endurance and helps to maintain the quality of sexual activity. Also, sport allows you to have a good libido and to enjoy sexual intercourse.

The role of sport for the skin and the brain

Regular physical activity maintains the elasticity of the skin. Sport is also a good remedy for skin ageing. For the brain, it also plays an important role. Physical activity combats Alzheimer's disease. It also frees patients from anxiety.